Ultra practical ferrite core knowledge complete


Ferrite core is mainly composed of iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), and zinc (Zn) three metal elements, often referred to as manganese zinc ferrite. The annular ferrite core has a high magnetic effect because it has no air gap and has the same cross-sectional area. Ferrite core is a kind of high frequency magnetic conductivity material, mainly for high frequency transformers (such as switching power supply, line output transformer, etc.), high frequency magnetic ring (anti-interference), etc., increase the permeability and improve the inductance quality factor.

Ferrite core is made of non-metallic magnetic material with compact uniform ceramic structure and low coercivity, also known as soft magnetic ferrite core. It consists of an oxide of iron (Fe2O3) and an oxide or carbonate compound of one or more other metals (e.g., manganese, zinc, nickel, magnesium). Ferrite raw materials by pressing, after 1300 degrees C high temperature sintering, through machine processing to meet the application needs of the finished magnetic core, compared with other types of magnetic materials, ferrite has the advantage of high permeability, and in a wide range of frequencies with high resistance and eddy current loss and other advantages. These material properties make ferrites ideal for applications such as manufacturing high-frequency transformers, broadband transformers, adjustable inductors, and other high-frequency circuits from 10kHz to 50MHz.

There are many grades of ferrite core materials, and there are many geometric shapes, such as column shape, I-shape, cap shape, single hole, double hole, four hole, U shape, pot shape, E shape and so on. Ferrite cores of various shapes and sizes are used in inductors, pulse transformers, high-frequency transformers, and noise filters for the high frequency power supply and high quality communication markets. Ferrite core materials are characterized by high permeability, good temperature characteristics, and low decay rate. Inductors or transformers can be made by winding coils around a ferrite core, which are widely used in instrumentation, communication equipment and household appliances.